Seattle city attorney proposes marijuana home grows and more

If this proposal goes through, then Washington would be on par with Oregon, Alaska and Colorado on the rules for legalized marijuana both recreational and medical. If passed, it would make it legal to grow up to 6 marijuana plants at home. On Monday, Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes issued a sweeping policy proposal that calls for allowing people to grow pot at home, establishing vapor lounges and folding unregulated medical-cannabis dispensaries into the new state recreational system. Read more in the

Seattle May Not Issue Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

Washington State is still sending mixed signals to the Medical Marijuana community on whether or not it will actually be issuing licenses for dispensaries to operate in the state. Washington reminds me a lot of how it was in Oregon before Oregon’s Legislature legalized medical marijuana dispensaries (officially legalized, no ‘grey area’). Dispensaries are all over the place in Washington. By not licensing and regulating them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, and the State of Washington is losing out on revenue everyday in the process. It’s time that Washington put in place clear rules and regulations for dispensaries so that the industry can operate above reproach, and help the State with much needed tax and fee revenues, like Oregon is doing now. Read more here in The Weed Blog...

Meet the Man Who Discovered Weed’s Secret Ingredient

Professor Raphael Mechoulam originally asked the National Institute of Health in the US for a grant to study cannabis he was turned down. “They told me, ‘Come back to us when you choose another subject—marijuana is not an American problem,’” the 84-year-old Israeli professor recalls. More than half a century later—after becoming the first scientist to isolate THC, having a long, successful career dedicated to discovering cannabis and its effects on the body, and now being referred to in Israel as the “Grandfather of Marijuana”—professor Mechoulam still sounds a little proud when he mentions how fast the NIH changed its mind. Read more here in the

And The First Philly Weed Ticket Goes To…

Philadelphia, PA has finally decriminalized marijuana and the first one to get a citation was the local NORML representative! Doing something that day that would have put him in jail the day before. Read more in the