Battle for Hemp Legalization Heating Up!

Hemp is the hot pot topic in WA DC these days. The bill, the “Industrial Hemp Farming act of 2015” is taking off and gaining a good following. The economic argument for industrial Hemp legalization is a strong one as well.  The U.S. hemp industry is already achieving $500 million in annual retail sales according to some estimates with huge potential for growth.  All of this economic activity has been due to imported hemp.  As Senator Rand Paul put it  we are importing our hemp and “…exporting our profit.” Read more here in the

America’s Smartest Cities Love Pot

Not a coincidence at all that a recent survey shows that smart people love pot. 🙂 The survey ranked cities across the nation based on the percentage of residents aged 25 or older with a bachelor’s degree or greater level of education. The top three most educated cities are all college towns with thriving cannabis industries in states employing different models of marijuana regulation. Read more here in the High Times...

International Cannabis Business Conference Day 2: Getting Down To Business

International Cannabis Business Conference is gearing up to be a very exciting and informative event! Day two kicks off with travel guru Rick Steves, a true hero in the cannabis movement, especially those in Oregon who saw him tour the state preaching the gospel of cannabis legalization on his own dime. Steves, a self-made businessman himself, will share the knowledge gained from helping two states legalize cannabis, as he hopes that California will join the rest of the West Coast and legalize marijuana in 2016. Following Rick Steves, the Cannabiz 5000 panel features cannabis industry pioneers and veterans Debby Goldsberry, Amber Senter (one of my all time favorites in the marijuana world!), Dean Arbit, Liana Held and Kyndra Miller to discuss the ins and outs of dealing with marijuana laws and regulations, deal with the IRS, brand your business and adapt quickly in a changing marketplace and legal landscape. Read more here in the Weed Blog...

The War on Drugs Is Burning Out

Every day brings us closer and closer to winning the war on drugs…as in stop fighting about it. Legalizing Marijuana is proving to not be the end of the world as some who are against it prophesized.  In fact, studies are showing that crime is down, DUII’s are down, access by the under 21 crowd is down. Leading at the ballot box from Alaska to Washington, D.C., Americans are charting a path to a saner national drug policy Read more here in the Rolling Stone article:

Need A Career Change?

As more and more states start legalizing marijuana for recreational or medical use, new careers are coming online. One of the careers: 12. Web & Software As mentioned previously, companies like Leafly are blazing the trail into the online space when it comes to the marijuana industry. Other companies, like Viridian Sciences and WeedMaps, are making their own way. Software to help run marijuana businesses is essential, and can include things like accounting programs and product management systems. Companies like WeedMaps and Leafly are there to assist cannabis users in finding the product they’re looking for, and creating an online community. The article mentions 16 careers for the budding marijuana industry, take a peak. Read more here in the Wall Street Cheat Sheet article:

Seattle city attorney proposes marijuana home grows and more

If this proposal goes through, then Washington would be on par with Oregon, Alaska and Colorado on the rules for legalized marijuana both recreational and medical. If passed, it would make it legal to grow up to 6 marijuana plants at home. On Monday, Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes issued a sweeping policy proposal that calls for allowing people to grow pot at home, establishing vapor lounges and folding unregulated medical-cannabis dispensaries into the new state recreational system. Read more in the

Marijuana Legalization Can Proceed in DC

Despite attempts by politicians in the 2014 election to block the legalization of marijuana in Washington DC, the new attorney General Karl Racine says legalization can move forward. Provisions added to the federal spending bill by members of Congress suggested that the marijuana legalization initiative would not become a reality. However, after a lot of analysis, and poor wording in the federal spending bill, it appears that attempts to stop implementation didn’t work. Washington D.C.’s new Attorney General agrees. Read more here in the Weed Blog...