The State of Recreational Cannabis Legislation in Canada

Made in Canada cannabis signThe legalization of marijuana is a political force of momentum that continues to grow around the globe. Indeed, legalization in some form, whether it be recreational or medical, is something that is going to continue growing in many advanced countries, including the United States. However, one of the next most influential steps for cannabis legalization and the emergence of a multi-billion dollar industry is happening north of our border, in Canada. Here is some information about the state of recreational cannabis in Canada…

Prime Minister Trudeau’s pledge

Although marijuana hasn’t historically been criminalized in Canada to the extent that it has been in the United States, current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to legalize cannabis for recreational use during his 2015 campaign. In order to amass the political capital that would be required to take this step towards legalization, Trudeau’s administration has also recommended that legalization laws come with more aggressive laws against selling marijuana to minors, driving under the influence of marijuana, and unauthorized sellers. Indeed, currently, since marijuana trade is outside of government control, nearly half of all high school students admit to trying marijuana in the past year.

Canada may be the first G7 country to legalize marijuana, nationwide

Canada looks to be the first major advanced economic player in the world to legalize the use of recreational cannabis in the world. This makes it the first of the Group of 7 to do so, an economic group of countries that includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Canada. Because of this, all eyes are going to be on the rollout of these new laws in Canada to determine the effectiveness and economic advantages of legalizing marijuana.

Full legalization expected in 2018

Recently, parliamentary legislators of Canada’s Liberal Party announced that they expected recreational marijuana legalization to be in effect as soon as July of 2018, according to proposed legislation released this spring. Similar to other places in the world that have legalized marijuana usage, only producers and retailers that are licensed by the federal government will be allowed to produce and distribute marijuana.