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Justin received his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, with an emphasis in Finance from Chapman University. Also during this time, Justin founded the Computer Information and Computer Science Honor Society at Chapman and was rewarded with a Microsoft Scholarship to become certified as both a Microsoft Network Engineer and a Microsoft Database Administrator. Justin was recruited from Chapman University by MetLife Investors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetLife Insurance, to build banking software to manage their variable annuity investment portfolio. In the first year of implementation over $14B in transactions flawlessly moved through the system he designed. Justin was quickly promoted to Lead Systems Analyst. Justin then went on to attend St. Mary’s School of law where he received his Juris Doctorate as well as his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.

While studying for the patent bar in Oregon, Justin met his former partners and started Orchestra Software. During his time at Orchestra, Justin acted as the Chief Technology Officer and guided strategic development of the company. During his time at Orchestra, Justin’s efforts lead to a four-fold increase in production and efficiency. Orchestra offers three industry-leading solutions, for the fuel industry, the multi-tenant restaurant industry, and the craft beer Industry. Each one of these industries offers their own complexities from taxation, third party integration’s, and excess government regulation. The solution Justin developed for the Craft Beer industry is responsible for processing over 15% of all the Craft Beer brewed in the United States, with clients such as Firestone Walker, Odell, and Full Sail. In the mid-tier fuel industry, Justin managed the creation of a solution which allowed fuel cooperatives greater control over fuel purchasing and fuel distribution management among their members, governing over a $150M line of credit spread over 350 active members.

Developing solutions for these industries has put Justin in a prime position to run this company. As CEO, he looks forward to tackling the cannabis industry by providing the first true micro vertical industry solution for the cannabis sectors, backed with decades of experience dealing with complex taxation, industrial and business processes, and government regulations. Justin is confident that Viridian Sciences will lead the way with the best business management software available for the Medical, Recreational, and Industrial cannabis industries.

Support Staff:

Viridian Sciences has a network of representatives around the world to assist our clients day or night.  These representatives are seasoned professional with decades of SAP experience.


Implementation Staff:

Our Implementation consultants have implemented the SAP BusinessOne platform all around the world for industries both big and small. Our consultants have dealt with some of the most complex business cases within the beverage, chemical processing, and nutraceutical product development industries and have always been able to provide the most effective solution in the simplest of ways.



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By Elizabeth Chou, The Cannifornian An active and prominent supporter of the campaign to legalize recreational-use cannabis in California will head up the Los Angeles agency tasked with regulating the local marijuana industry. Cat Packer, a nominee of Mayor Eric Garcetti, was confirmed on a City Council vote of 13-0 Wednesday to serve as executive director for the city’s newly created Department of Cannabis Regulation… Click Here to read the full article Originally posted By Elizabeth Chou, The Cannifornian Posted on Aug 17,...

Cannabis Compliance: Getting You Through The Weeds (Part 3 of 3)

Missed Part Two?   Advice on Cannabis Compliance To stay in full compliance you need to make sure you stay diligent in your efforts of keeping everything on track, together, and up-to-date. A word of advice: don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut or get bogged down. It is a process and you just have to stick with it. You will have good days and bad days when it comes to compliance. As a compliance manager, your mission should not be just knowing the compliance rules but making sure your staff is implementing and abiding by these rules. The easiest way to accomplish this is to get your team to buy into a “compliance first” mentality. Sure it is easier to take shortcuts but this is the quickest way to find yourself with compliance problems. You will have the most success when your employees see compliance as a must have value versus a tedious task. This all starts with your company’s dedication and commitment to the compliance process and the attitude you as the compliance manager instill in your team. The more your team buys into the need for compliance the easier your job as the compliance manager will be as compliance will now become the entire team’s responsibility. This will greatly aid the organization in their overall compliance efforts. I recommend having a company wide benefit for staying in compliance and meeting your company’s goals. It could be as simple as a pizza party with prizes. This can easily be implemented with a number of days in compliance strategy. This will allow you to track when you...

Tilray to Invest $30 Million in Enniskillen Cannabis Facility

Tilray Announces Second Facility Enabling 5x Increase in Production Capacity to Meet Rapidly Growing Global Demand for High-Quality Medical Cannabis August 17, 2017 NANAIMO, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tilray Canada Ltd., a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified global leader in medical cannabis research and production, announced today that it will invest, through an affiliated entity, up to $30 million in a second cultivation and processing facility located in Enniskillen, Ontario. Read more…...

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