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Justin Dufour

President, CEO

Justin received his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, with an emphasis in Finance from Chapman University. Also during this time, Justin founded the Computer Information and Computer Science Honor Society at Chapman and was rewarded with a Microsoft Scholarship to become certified as both a Microsoft Network Engineer and a Microsoft Database Administrator. Justin was recruited from Chapman University by MetLife Investors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetLife Insurance, to build banking software to manage their variable annuity investment portfolio. In the first year of implementation over $14B in transactions flawlessly moved through the system he designed. Justin was quickly promoted to Lead Systems Analyst. Justin then went on to attend St. Mary’s School of law where he received his Juris Doctorate as well as his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.

While studying for the patent bar in Oregon, Justin met his former partners and started Orchestra Software. During his time at Orchestra, Justin acted as the Chief Technology Officer and guided strategic development of the company. During his time at Orchestra, Justin’s efforts lead to a four-fold increase in production and efficiency. Orchestra offers three industry-leading solutions, for the fuel industry, the multi-tenant restaurant industry, and the craft beer Industry. Each one of these industries offers their own complexities from taxation, third party integration’s, and excess government regulation. The solution Justin developed for the Craft Beer industry is responsible for processing over 15% of all the Craft Beer brewed in the United States, with clients such as Firestone Walker, Odell, and Full Sail. In the mid-tier fuel industry, Justin managed the creation of a solution which allowed fuel cooperatives greater control over fuel purchasing and fuel distribution management among their members, governing over a $150M line of credit spread over 350 active members.

Developing solutions for these industries has put Justin in a prime position to run this company. As CEO, he looks forward to tackling the cannabis industry by providing the first true micro vertical industry solution for the cannabis sectors, backed with decades of experience dealing with complex taxation, industrial and business processes, and government regulations. Justin is confident that Viridian Sciences will lead the way with the best business management software available for the Medical, Recreational, and Industrial cannabis industries.

Support Staff:

Viridian Sciences has a network of representatives around the world to assist our clients day or night.  These representatives are seasoned professional with decades of SAP experience.


Implementation Staff:

Our Implementation consultants have implemented the SAP BusinessOne platform all around the world for industries both big and small. Our consultants have dealt with some of the most complex business cases within the beverage, chemical processing, and nutraceutical product development industries and have always been able to provide the most effective solution in the simplest of ways.



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Existential Compliance Necessities of the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is still definitely an emerging industry throughout the United States, just as it is in other G7 countries. However, in order to maintain a strong profit share of this quickly growing multibillion dollar industry, marijuana producers and retailers need to ensure that they are utilizing their software potential to stay ahead of the curve and keep their profits within an acceptable margin. This isn’t just a matter of increasing revenue and improving efficiency. This is an existential necessity that all cannabis-related companies must navigate. Here are some existential software necessities for cannabis companies… Being up to date with compliance issues The first thing that comes to mind when cannabis companies think about existential threats is compliance. Although the legalization of various forms of cannabis has spread across many states, both for recreational and medical usage, there are still a plethora of laws and regulations that need to be navigated. What makes this especially complicated, however, is that these rules are often changing and adapting all of the time. Because of this fact, it is essential to address that your company’s software solutions are going to have to change to accommodate this fact. Making these changes across an entire enterprise without a powerful software solution is overly complicating a situation that can be fixed with innovation. Adaptability to compliance Being up to date with compliance laws is terrific, but if your company cannot quickly adapt to new conditions, then it is doomed to fail. Cannabis companies need to adopt software solutions that allow them to adjust their operation in a timely and efficient manner. This includes integrating...

The State of Recreational Cannabis Legislation in Canada

The legalization of marijuana is a political force of momentum that continues to grow around the globe. Indeed, legalization in some form, whether it be recreational or medical, is something that is going to continue growing in many advanced countries, including the United States. However, one of the next most influential steps for cannabis legalization and the emergence of a multi-billion dollar industry is happening north of our border, in Canada. Here is some information about the state of recreational cannabis in Canada… Prime Minister Trudeau’s pledge Although marijuana hasn’t historically been criminalized in Canada to the extent that it has been in the United States, current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to legalize cannabis for recreational use during his 2015 campaign. In order to amass the political capital that would be required to take this step towards legalization, Trudeau’s administration has also recommended that legalization laws come with more aggressive laws against selling marijuana to minors, driving under the influence of marijuana, and unauthorized sellers. Indeed, currently, since marijuana trade is outside of government control, nearly half of all high school students admit to trying marijuana in the past year. Canada may be the first G7 country to legalize marijuana, nationwide Canada looks to be the first major advanced economic player in the world to legalize the use of recreational cannabis in the world. This makes it the first of the Group of 7 to do so, an economic group of countries that includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Canada. Because of this, all eyes are going to be on the...

The Cannabis Industry Needs Business Solutions

As a member of the cannabis industry, whether you are a producer, processor, or retailer, it is important to recognize the needs that your business has are akin to any other industry, despite having some specific traits that need to be addressed. Even if you’ve already secured your facilities for production or retail, and then gone through with the legal process to make your business legit with employees are are qualified, you are still going to need to find ways to manage the business operation on a wide-scale level that deals with the specifics of day-to-day processes. Due to the emergence of new technology, businesses are able to move incredibly fast, today. In order to remain competitive, your business should move quickly, as well. To do this, you’ll need to utilize tools and a software infrastructure that enables your business to transition through multiple levels of growth and effectively navigate existential business threats. Here are several ways the cannabis industry needs business solutions… Compliance Although marijuana has officially been legalized in a multitude of states, both for medical and recreational purposes, there are still a myriad of regulations and red tape that emerging cannabis businesses will need to navigate. Despite the fact that cannabis is currently only of the fastest growing industries in the United States, nearly half of all upstart cannabis businesses fail, due to compliance failures. For this reason, it is incredibly important to find ways to automate your compliance processes with the utmost precision. Typically, this should be implemented into your software infrastructure (indeed, it is a necessary feature of any well-implemented ERP software). Ensuring that...

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