Our passion for the cannabis industry.

Power to Lead MJBA Women’s Event

A fantastic, exciting event took place on the night of November 6 2014.  A room full of women gathered in a hotel banquet room in Bellevue, WA with one purpose: to talk about women in cannabusiness. Close to 50 women (including myself and another female co-worker from...

Beauty of Harvest

Fall, the time of  year when nature prepares to close her eyes for a long winter nap.  The trees are dressed in their finest, showing off in a dazzling multi-faceted show of colors. Fiery reds, golden yellows and glowing oranges. The skyline is literally on fire with...

Viridian Sciences team update

With only a little more than four months of business in the cannabis industry, software company Viridian Sciences, nestled in the corner of a small brick office building on Main Street in Vancouver WA, is taking the world by storm with their one of a kind complete...

The Green Rush Gouge

I’ve talked with several smart, driven people of our i502 community lately, desperate to find warehouse locations for their Canna business start-ups. Most of these people had a location identified and negotiated with landlords before applying for their i502 license(s), as was required, only to find that the location promised was no longer available. Some of the landlords responsible for this unscrupulous fiasco were in a bit of a Green Rush themselves, and had promised the same location to several people. In the end, there can be only one i502 Cannabusiness at a single address so someone, or some people, involved with these landlords got the shaft. Some landlords, knowing the market was tight, renegotiated the terms of the deal. This left the i502 folks to decide which was worse, heading back into a highly competitive market with few options, or accepting the new blackmail terms. A third set of landlords were pressured by surrounding businesses and/or residents to abandon the terms negotiated in good faith, or face the wrath of an angry mob, being forever labeled a landlord that rented to those peddling poison.

Marijuana Legalization: Strategic Failures in Oklahoma

NORML and MPP made a huge strategic blunder in not putting their full weight behind the legalization effort in Oklahoma. Perhaps they feel that a bible-belt state is not ready to legalize, and that their resources would be squandered in the effort. This is a sound argument, but consider another angle. Polling conducted in 2013 by NORML itself suggest that 71.2% of Oklahoma residents agree with legalizing medical marijuana, and a majority (57%) agree that Marijuana possession should be decriminalized below the current felony crime classification. The level of national attention that would be earned just by getting the legalization initiative on the Oklahoma ballot in November would have been worth the effort. Every national media outlet would flood the state of Oklahoma with journalists clamoring for a story that explains the debate.

Hempfest Seattle : A first for Weed Viking!

Holy smokes Batman! What a fantastic weekend!  I was so excited when the company I work for, Viridian Sciences, told me I was going to Hempfest in Seattle WA!  My first time…yes, I was a Hempfest virgin. I had heard of it, seen it on television, talked to my daughter...