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Viridian Sciences

Offering world class, all-in-one business management software solutions for the cannabis industry.

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The Industry Leader

in providing all-in-one enterprise software solutions to anyone in the cannabis industry. Producers, processors, retailers, dispensaries, testing labs, equipment manufacturers, governments and many other ancillary businesses benefit from using our solutions based on world-leading software technology. Using fully GAAP-compliant and audit-ready record keeping, the Viridian solution is second to none in terms of regulatory compliance and efficient cannabusiness management.

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A Proud Member of the MJBA

Viridian Sciences is proud to be a member of a growing group of cannabis business professionals.

Built Off the World's Best

SAP is the world’s leader in providing business management software all over the world.  Widely considered a top-20 global brand, 63% of all Fortune 500 transactions and 25% of all the world’s enterprise software runs on SAP.  As an SAP-OEM partner, and with a talented in-house development team, Viridian helps cannabusinesses reap the benefit of running the software used by the most successful companies in the world!

Full Array of Services Provided

We offer implementation, training, prompt support, and other ancillary professional services to our clients.  We want to ensure everyone has a successful transition to their new system, and is well taken care of throughout the process.

Why Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences offers all-in-one business management software solutions for the cannabis industry. Our mission is to help you grow your business by providing the world's leading enterprise resource planning technology while helping your company adhere to government regulations with complete legal compliance. Our software enables your cannabusiness to run efficiently with automated inventory tracking, seed to sale reporting, financial accounting, grow management, quality control, and many other essential tools to help you succeed. Grow your business with our industry leading, cutting-edge, cannabis software solution.


Don’t waste time on processes that can be automated. Focus on what matters in your cannabusiness – growing cannabis. With automated seed-to-sale reporting, seamless integration with State systems, lab result integration, audit-ready record keeping and an all-in-one software offering, Viridian Sciences solution powered by SAP is second to none and the only solution producers need.


Streamline purchasing by automating transactions with processors through our auto payment and MRP modules. Viridian Science’s Point-of-Sale system integrates directly with our solution to provide retailers automated inventory management, financial accounting, and customized reporting in addition to essential POS functionality and barcoding.


Viridian’s processing module manages the full spectrum of extraction processes, and records state required metrics at each step. All extractions and infused edible inventories are batch tracked with integrated lab results, just like finished good bud. Track everything from drying to delivery.

Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences is the industry leader in providing premium ERP software solutions to cannabis producers, processors, retailers, testing labs, medical dispensaries, government and all other ancillary cannabusinesses. Our solutions are powered by SAP, a world class business management software platform


Testing processes and records are stored in a centralized database for easy reporting, analysis, and result delivery. Integrate with your clients to streamline the testing process through automated messaging and alerts. Data output files can be automatically uploaded to your system, sent to your clients, and applied to their manifests all in less than a click. Improve your data integrity and reliability by choosing Viridian Sciences powered by SAP.


Viridian Sciences goes beyond just seed to sale. Our government solution allows states to manage the cannabis industry as a whole from an inventory, financial, sales, tax, and compliance standpoint all in one centralized solution. This offering allows the highest level of transparency and control for states who are looking for the premier cannabis tracking system.

Our Technology Stack Is Proven

How is Viridian Sciences Different?

Extremely Flexible

Our turn-key software solution is robust and all-encompassing, but we believe in continuous improvement and work with clients to better optimize our solution to better serve their business. Individual customization for your business is available.



In-depth analysis of business operations provided in 100 out-of-box automated reports, including financials, sales, purchasing, banking, inventory, production and human resources. Users can also develop customer reports quickly and easily with information relevant to specific business analysis. Print, e-mail or publish reports online.  Secure access to reports is available from any Internet-enabled device in a multitude of formats: XLS, CSV, DOC, PDF, XML, HTML and TXT.


Our single source solution replaces the need to purchase multiple software packages to support all your business functions. Save time and money with efficiency gained from economies of scale and single source data input for material, plant, product, vendor, customer and employee management.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will work with your business to deliver the results you expect from the world’s leading supplier of centralized business management solutions. We value each client and work to be your greatest advocate for success.

Secure & Modern Code

You can input and access your company’s data securely from any Internet-enabled device. You are free from the burden of purchasing, managing and maintaining expensive server hardware.

Unparalleled Support

Our highly trained and supportive team will work as a champion to help grow your business. We provide support onsite at your business, by phone, email or Skype.

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SAP Business One (News Flash)

Exciting news from Europe! Last month SAP launched a brand new strategic division dedicated exclusively to focusing on the technology demands of small and medium-sized companies. The SMB Solutions Group is tasked with creating the next generation of integrated...

NJ Marijuana Legalization- Pot for Pot Holes

Big movement on New Jersey marijuana legalization front. In 2014, duplicate bills to legalize possession and personal use of small amounts of marijuana for persons age 21 and over were introduced into both the Senate and Assembly. Senate Bill 1896, better known as the...

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